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Australian Winter 2014 Update #2

A message from Steve Rowe

Hi everyone & welcome to a VERY IMPORTANT Rowe Productions Winter Update #2!


Vic Campbell. my Australian Manager & author of my Biography/Life's Story- METAL MISSIONARY - The Steve Rowe Story has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help finance the release of this monstrous 65,000 word pictorial in Hard Copy book format.

Here is the link to Vic's campaign ==>

Please note! NO ONE IS MAKING MONEY OUT OF THIS! The $25,000 needed will simply pay the cost of pressing an initial 1000 books.

I absolutely pull no punches in presenting my story through Vic's gift of writing. I figured if it was worth writing, then it was worth presenting it, warts & all. I have had a VERY EXTREME life in many more ways than just playing extreme music! The book covers a range of topics that I have faced throughout life- Neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, being raped at 15 by a man, being knocked, cut down, used & abused, surviving cancer, WHAT IT REALLY MEANS FOR A PERSON TO LIVE WITH PARAPLEGIA, spiritual abuse, loss of dignity, loss of quality of life & dealing with being a very hated person by certain people and underground sub cultures.

Yep, so that is the downside. However there is THE UPSIDE OF MY LIFE! Finding Faith In Jesus at a young age, discovering a life long passion for Heavy Rock & Metal Music. THE CALL to reach the Metal Culture world wide with THE GOSPEL OF SALVATION THROUGH JESUS! Overcoming IMPOSSIBLE ODDS, Living out IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS, Finding ways to train my brain to WALK AS A PARAPLEGIC. Endless health & financial miracles and defying ALL ODDS in a 50 year life that has almost ended a number of times!

Sounds like hype? It's not! This is the nitty gritty that EVERYONE can relate to. We ALL GET KNOCKED DOWN & WE ALL GOTTA GET UP & KEEP ON GOING! My story is written to SHOCK, but also to INSPIRE! You will laugh & you may cry! ....and for just $80 you are at entry level to receive one of these hard copy books, plus at different levels of support, increasingly good perks! Really, from my perspective, it is not about the perks, except a copy of the book I guess. All I know is that one day when Glenn Kaiser, Ulf Christiansson or Pastor Fred Z from Bikers For Christ have their Biography's coming, I would personally give my all, financially & prayerfully, to read about these 3 INCREDIBLE HEROS OF THE FAITH, FOR ME!

Help us get this out & I have no doubt that once in circulation that this book will get published around the world. For example, it is the only manual I know of that fully explains what living with Paraplegia REALLY ENTAILS! Degenerative health conditions are life destroying! But through Christ we are MORE THAN OVER COMERS! Please give this campaign of Vic's you prayers & please encourage Vic in this brave venture! After visiting the Indiegogo Campaign, PLEASE LIKE Vic's Metal Missionary Facebook page. ALL who support will be listed by name on the new upcoming Mortification Full Length Album- REALM OF THE SKELATOR!

Just a reminder of our up coming gigs here on this poster below. If you are Australian & coming to the shows please LIKE our 2 HEADED MONSTER FEST Facebook & indicate that you will be attending in the EVENTS SECTION!

Blessings To All.

Steve Rowe.

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