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Rowe Productions Australian Spring 2014 Update

A message from Steve Rowe

Rowe Productions Australian Spring Update.


Hello all my great friends! Yes, as most of you guys are heading into cold weather, we down here in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia are heading into my favourite season! SPRING! WOO HOO. Lovely warm days already!


For the next 3 months we will be very busy recording both the new Mortification Album- 'Realm Of The Skelator' & new Wonrowe Vision Album- '2 Headed Monster'.


To kick of this quarter we will perform the second of the 2 Headed Monster Fest Concerts this Saturday September 6th at The Public Bar here in Melbourne.


2 Headed Monster 2nd Concert


Following this weekend we will be heading into the Studio with Mark McCormack as Engineer/Producer to record & mix the final tracks for the new Mort opus, leading into the final mix in November. Following this Lincoln & I will be joined by Adam Zaffa (Silver Cord/ Relentless/ evil addiction destroying..) behind the drum kit to record final tracking & mix of the new Wonrowe Vision Album with Neil Kerin as Engineer. Adam will be joining us just for the Recording & performance of the Album at my 50th Birthday in January. Andrew wants to concentrate on the new Mort Album but will be performing in both bands at Easterfest next year.


At Easterfest we will perform & film the Mortification 25th Anniversary Concert & Wonrowe Vision 5th Birthday Show. At the Wonrowe Vision show we will have party hats, cake, ice cream & play Pin The Tail On The Donkey. All things appropriate for a 5th Birthday. Yep, that last bit was a silly Steve joke! Apologies!


Things a lot of people do not realise about me is that I am a Goof & have a VERY silly sense of humour. I deal with A LOT of physical pain on a daily basis & laughing about pretty much everything gets me through, as I continue to serve God through the POWER of Jesus with PURE ETERNAL JESUS METAL!! Anyone out there who enjoys trolling me on Social Media I usually ignore, but recent trolling has been hilarious!


I am who I am & I will ALWAYS bring something new to your hungry ears with each Album. There is a lot of Total Thrashing Death Metal Doom Grind on 'Realm Of The Skelator'! The new WV album is also a fair whack more Metal than the first 2 Wonrowe Vision Albums were.


Support is coming in for Vic Campbell's Indiegogo campaign to raise the $'s needed to release 'Metal Missionary', the Biography about my VERY EXTREME life. This book will help hundreds & hopefully thousands of people around the world who suffer & help give them the encouragement and the Vision to dream big dreams for God's Glory! It also contains my 30 years history in Jesus Metal Mission & goes RIGHT BACK to my early years in the 60's! Neither Vic or I are making any money out of the book. Just simply needing to raise the funds to release it, with any proceeds going BACK INTO the Mission & Vision of Rowe Productions & VCMedia. Here is the link to Vic's campaign. Please check out the perks & help us even with just $10 if you can.


We SO value your prayers & support!!


Just some pertinent notes: When we are on stage we are NEVER bored! We love what we do & love every performance we have ever done. I am propped on a stool in Paraplegia pain playing Bass, SMILING, LAUGHING, TELLING SILLY JOKES & doing the Vocals, with just 50% eyesight. Andrew is behind the kit & Linc's playing flows like a an ocean of rainbows! Colourful, creative & effortless! These guys are really incredible at what they do! Last year I saw BOC, Saint Vitus & this year Coroner. All bands just stood on stage & blew everyone away with the quality of their performance. Live samples of new Mort songs are coming on You Tube that are WAY more extreme. Have a look at our new song 'Realm Of The Skelator & listen to Linc's amazing solos, listen to the unique riff structures, listen to Andrew's incredible advancement on the kit, the change up in Vocals & the loud cheers at the end!!!! Many people at the gig commented on just how much they loved to 2 new songs we performed. Second one is coming in the next weeks following some live versions of a few classics. It is a short Grind song right on the end of the set. This weekend we will add a third new song to the set. That is also being filmed. Subscribe now to MortificationNEXT You Tube Channel to keep up with our latest Video additions. If you find the need to troll us, please get a hobby or something & let us do what we do best. If you don't like what we do, DON'T BUY IT OR STEAL IT!! It is all streamed FREE for you to watch on You Tube!!!! Hope those of you who troll realise, just how futile it is! Maybe not?


Slowly I am adding new CDs & Vinyl in the STORE. 2 new sections will be up this month. Classic Christian Rock & Gospel Blues. The Classic Christian Rock section will kick off with 3 different CDs by the LEGENDARY Resurrection Band! The Gospel Blues with 3 CDs by Glenn Kaiser & 2 by GKB the Glenn Kaiser Band! In my store you will only EVER find TRUE JESUS METAL, ROCK & BLUES!


Christ Is King!


Blessings to all!


Steve Rowe.