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Rowe Productions Australian Autumn / Fall Update 2015

A message from Steve Rowe

Welcome to a VERY IMPORTANT Rowe Productions Update! YES, BOTH NEW CD's & BOTH NEW T-SHIRTS are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase right here! I highly recommend that you purchase these 4 brand new releases in one of the above Paks. This is where you will find Pak prices that will not be available anywhere else in the world! PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHRISTIAN METAL ART THAT SUPPORTS YOU!! These T- Shirts will ONLY be available Online from


Wonrowe Vision - '2 Headed Monster' is a VERY HEAVY Album and a thousand miles ahead in quality, heaviness & song writing from the first 2 Albums. You can now hear what Wonrowe Vision REALLY SOUNDS LIKE! Stylistically a mix of 70's Sabbath & Motorhead, 80's Traditional Heavy Metal, with a touch of 90's Metallica & Ol Skool Indy Rock like Rollins Band. That said, like all of my music from the past 31 years, 2 Headed Monster sounds like nothing else. This is unique, PURE AUSTRALIAN HEAVY STREET ROCK!


Just for you guys, as a prelude to the Album, here is our first Studio Single - 'Stone Elder' and (click here) Full Audio Produced Live Video Version of 'GPS' recorded at my 50th Birthday on January 24th. 2 Headed Monster has 9 BRAND NEW Studio Tracks & 5 Fully Produced Live Tracks from my 50th as Bonus ln this VERY EXTENDED ARTWORK, 6 PANEL CD FOLDOUT COVER PLUS POSTER BOOKLET INSERT.


THE FINAL MORTIFICATION ALBUM - Realm Of The Skelataur is a return to our Old Skool form of TOTAL TRASHING DEATH. I worked VERY HARD for 2 years with Lincoln structuring an Album that brings back a mix of the BEST OF - Break The Curse 1990, Self Titled 1991, Scrolls Of The Megilloth 1992, Post Momentary Affliction 1993 & EnVision EvAngelene 1996. This Album is Extremely FAST, Extremely SLOW, Extremely COMPLEX & Extremely INTERESTING! It takes you on a journey of EXTREME CHRISTIAN ART that will hammer in every emotion, IF, you play it LOUD!!! This work is a tremendous full stop on 25 years of WORLD WIDE JESUS METAL ART MISSIONS ATTACK TO SLAUGHTER ALL DEMON HEADZ!! You all heard 'Extrensick Forces' last quarter & so here is our new GRIND CLASSIC - 'Slaughter Head Headz'!




Special Give Aways!

We have some VERY SPECIAL PAKS to give away to the first 5 people who correctly answer the following questions. Winners will be announced next quarter & posted in June to the winners!!

  1. What was the name of my first Band? This can only be found in my Biography 'Metal Missionary'.
  2. What was the first names of my Grandma & Grandpa Rowe? This can only be found in my Biography 'Metal Missionary'.
  3. On the Wonrowe Vision Album '2 Headed Monster' which 2 songs use lyrical reference to 2 Classic Mortification songs?
  4. On the Mortification Song 'Our Anthem' from 'Realm Of The Skelataur', name 4 of the 6 Classic Solos & Riffs from the 6 Classic Mortification Songs that make up the Lead Break Bridge section?
  5. What photo is on the bottom RIGHT of BOTH POSTER Foldouts from both new Albums?
  6. What is your name & what date did you order both new CDs from

Grand Prizes to FIRST 5 CORRECT Answers to all questions:

  • Signed Studio Master CD of Wonrowe Vision 2 Headed Monster
  • 6 different signed Mortification & Wonrowe Vision Posters
  • Infiltration Squad Membership including Majestic Infiltration Tee
  • Numbered Best Of Rowe Productions CD & Signed & Numbered Membership Gloss Photo.

If you are already a member you can choose any TWO of the remaining Mortification or Wonrowe Vision CDs still in stock at instead.


-1st place-

All of the above PLUS- Signed Studio Master CD of Mortification- 'Realm Of The Skelataur' PLUS- THE RED HAND MADE CROWN OF THORNS worn by Jesus in the 1996 EnVision EvAngelene Video Film.

-2nd place-

All of the above PLUS- THE 2 HAND MADE WHIPS USED ON JESUS in the 1996 EnVision EvAngelene Video Film.

-3rd place-

All of the above PLUS- THE HAND MADE KEYS TO DEATH AND HELL TAKEN BY JESUS OUT OF HELL in the 1996 EnVision EvAngelene Video Film.

-4th place-

All of the above PLUS- THE ORIGINAL 1990 3 Hour Video VHS of Steve's METAL MISSIONARIES Video package.

-5th place-



Please send JUST your answers via email to

If you are an Infiltration Squad member & wish to swop for 2 other CDs by Mortification or Wonrowe Vision in stock- Please send Infiltration Squad Membership Number plus the 2 CDs that you want as replacement.

I have seen the ibook version of my Biography Metal Missionary- The Steve Rowe Story by my Aussie Manager Vic Campbell & it looks & 'SOUNDS' INCREDIBLE!

Here is a personal message from Vic:

"The Kindle version of Metal Missionary---The Steve Rowe Story has been selling quite well via Amazon. It is available at 

An iBook version of 'Metal Missionary' has been prepared for the Apple iTunes bookstore and is now available at This version, which will work on an iPad, contains 275 photos (most of them in full colour), several videos (including an interview segment featuring Steve from the documentary film 'Metal Down Under') and some audio segments as well as the 65,000 words of text telling Steve's story. This is a genuine collector's item for fans of Mortification. The photos capture much of the band's activities in USA, Europe, Mexico, South America and New Zealand as well as in Australia.

The hard copy print version of 'Metal Missionary' is in the advanced planning stages and copies of the first print run should be available in May/June, depending on pre-press and printer's deadlines. Again, this version of Steve's story will become a collector's item and will differ slightly in layout from the electronic versions although the text will remain the same."


Wonrowe Vision will be performing at The Boogie Man Bar- Saturday March 28th.

Boogie Man Bar

Entry fee $10.
160 Hoddle St Abbotsford
Melbourne Australia.
Doors 6PM show starts 7PM
Wonorowe Vision On Stage at 8PM.
Pizza avialable for purchase.

Mortification - 25th Anniversary Concert - Live at Easterfest Toowoomba Queensland Australia - Good Friday April 3rd.

Wonrowe Vision 5th Birthday Concert - Live at Easterfest Toowoomba Queensland Australia - Easter Saturday April 4th.




Steve Rowe.