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Australian Winter Update 2014

A message from Steve Rowe

Welcome to another update from the world of Rowe Productions!! Yes, down here in the deep south of the world we are now in Winter! ARRGGHH! ..... and  so, my hope is for all of my Northern friends, that you will have a blest time while you are in the Summer Sun!
Lots of news to share with you this quarter! We have 3 MAJOR projects in process at the moment. 
1- My Biography/Life's Story is almost print ready. Looking at the 'possibility' of self publishing??! The book reads really well & I pull no punches along the way. This is ME & MY LIFE - WARTS & ALL! HaHa. Besides the 64,000 words, the book will contain between 100 and 200 photos & Media Clippings. I can now reveal that the book will be called METAL MISSIONARY- The Steve Rowe Story. My life's story has been written by my Australian Manager Vic Campbell. Vic is also the author of Rosanna Palmer's Biography- 'Rock 'N' Roll Believer. Rossana is, of course, the legendary Vocalist & Guitarist for Aussie Christian Rockers Rosanna's Raiders! Rosanna's Biography is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase from my STORE at
2- The new FULL LENGTH Mortification Album is now complete in Pre Production! I can now reveal that the new Mortification Album will be called- REALM OF THE SKELATOR. It is a BRUAL MIX of Death Metal, Grind, Thrash and Traditional Heavy Metal styles. As usual it sounds like nothing we have ever done before!!! HOWEVER, it has strong leanings towards Break The Curse 1990, The Mortification Self Titled Album, Scrolls Of The Megilloth and EnVision EvAngelene! The body of the Album will be Recorded in September and October with Producer/ Engineer extraordinaire- Mark McCormack! 
3- The new FULL LEGTH Wonrowe Vision Album will be complete in Pre Production by the end of this month! I can also reveal that the new Wonrowe Vision Album will be called- 2 HEADED MONSTER. After learning SO MUCH about writing Classic Rock these past 5 years with the first two Wonrowe Vision Albums, I think that we now have 'THE SOUND' NAILED! On Mission Invincible I was aiming to sing like Lemmy from Motored. On the 2nd Album I simply tried to 'sing'. Being that Wonrowe Vision  has strong Punk & Rock N Roll influences, on 2 Headed Monster I will be taking a more aggressive Puck Rock Vocal approach!! You can hear this type of singing in 'Short Circuit' on Erasing The Goblin & 'Resurrection Band- A Tribute To Rez' on The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine Mortification Albums. I think that this style of Vocal is a strength of mine! It  makes the Rock WAY MORE AGGRESSIVE & keeps me in a place Vocally where I am most comfortable and competent! The body of the Album will be Recorded latter this year with Neil Kearin as Engineer and Production will be handled by myself along with Neil!
So as you can read, we are taking HUGE LEAPS OF FAITH! These 3 projects are going to cost A FORTUNE! ....and so- How can you guys help? 1- Please pray for us that we have God's Wisdom in each project! 2- PLEASE COME AND PURCHASE SOMETHING THAT YOU DO NOT ALREADY OWN FROM THE STORE AT You can also send support via paypal to Simply state in the notes section the words - 2014 Projects. Thank You to all of you who are already purchasing from our NEW ONLINE STORE and supporting us via paypal! We are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! THE MESSAGE MUST GO FORWARD!! 
There is now a NEW SECTION in my STORE called- Other Christian Metal. Check out BRUTAL CHRISTIAN DEATH METAL BAND UZIAS! Uzias is already featured in this section of the store along with the Debut One Kingdom CD. More Christian Metal CDs are coming from Jesus Metal Bands overseas including Dark Knight and Brutal War! 
A new DIGITAL MASTER SERIES is now up for purchase in the store. This time around we feature the song Mystical Thieves by my Band Lightforce from 1988. For those not familiar with my work in Lightforce, Mystical Thieves (The Song), is a perfect example of the Band's late 80's sound! It comes with a downloadable FULL COLOUR Poster with a photo from 1988 and some fascinating facts about the band at the time! ALL of the Lightforce Recordings from the Demos in 1986, Battlezone Album in 1987 & Mystical Thieves Album 1988 are now available in the store for Digital Download.

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Also a VINYL section will be added to the store very soon! - YES VINYL!!! The first of a series of coming VINYL releases is the Mortification Self Titled Album! This  will be in my store VERY SOON! 25th Anniversary SILVER EDITION VINYL of Mortification- Break The Curse 1990 to 2015  will be available early next year!! WOO HOO!! I AM EXCITED! I LOVE VINYL RECORDS & HAVE 100's in my collection. Please keep a look out in the STORE!
Upcoming events are as follows.
1- Saturday August 16th- Mortification at The Central Club - 293 Swan St. Richmond Victoria Australia. Plus supports- Along Shorelines & Kilamaine. $15 at the door! Doors 8:00PM. Mortification on stage at 9:15.
2- Saturday September 6th- Mortification at The Public Bar- 238 Victoria St. North Melbourne Victoria Australia. Plus supports- One Kingdom & Kilamaine. $15 at the Door. Front Bar opens early for dinner. Live Room Doors at 8:30. Mortification on stage at 9:45.
One Kingdom is the new Christian Hardcore Rock Band started by former Mortification Guitarist Troy Dixon. One Kingdom Debut EP CD is now available for purchase from our Rowe Productions Online Store!
All going well, 'we' as Wonrowe Vision will be performing the brand new Wonrowe Vision Album- 2 HEADED MONSTER at my 50th Birthday Party- January 24th next year! This event will be by INVITATION ONLY. This concert at my 50th will be Recorded Live and filmed! ......and so a question for you guys!!! As a BONUS DISC to The Studio  Version of the Album would you guys prefer a BONUS LIVE CD or BONUS LIVE DVD of the show? The film will be on You Tube, & so, at the moment, I am leaning towards  a BONUS LIVE CD. Please let me know what you would prefer? You can e- mail me here at
Feeling well at this time and looking forward to Recording & also performing Mortification & Wonrowe Vision shows  as far into the future as my body will allow! 
Jesus Metal Blessings To All!
Steve Rowe.