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A message from Steve Rowe

Why I do this is unique. In 1984, after hearing Christian Heavy Rock for the first time I prayed that God would help me to be unique. To create unique Heavy Rock & Metal music that is excellent and shares about a personal Faith In Jesus in every song. Over the past 31 years of giving you this, that prayer has been answered!

Having the purpose of being unique has lead me to be listed in a Google search as unique. The first question is- 'In a world of 7.2 Billion people, how did I become unique'? Answer- I thought unique, I never learned in any formal way how to play Bass Guitar, how to read music or how to structure a song correctly. All I have ever ever written comes from heart ideas I like as I simply play Bass & write words that come to me to promote Jesus & The Christian Faith.

Why Wonrowe Vision? Because the name is unique. If you do a Google search- Wonrowe Vision Images, then click down to the extended pages & Wonrowe Vision is directly linked to the world's biggest Metal Bands & Artidsts- Alive Cooper Megadeth & Metallica!

Last week I did this Google search- Paraplegics who play Rock & Metal Music. Top on the Google seaerch that day was a Photo of myself with my story! In a world of 7.2 Billion people My name is the most recognised in this search. Today I am second to Jason Becker.

Why Mortification?- Because it is unique!

If you do a Google search -'Metal Musicians with the strongest Christian message' a list comes up- Top Ten Christian Death Metal Bands. Mortification is number one.

God answers prayer! Through unique music, never doing the same song or album style even twice & through the great suffering of cancer & paraplegia God has answered my prayer!


I currently have the world's ONLY limited stock of all Mortification Studio Albums remaining on Hard Copy CD, except one of our 3 diamond Albums- 'Post Momentary Affliction'. Is your collection of these unique Albums complete? head to the store now!

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Following the NOW WELL ESTABLISHED VINYL REVIVAL with 9 million sales in the past 12 months being the highest in the past 20 years, NOW COMES THE NEW CASSETTE REVOLUTION!!

Later this year I will be releasing Mortification- Self Titled + Scrolls Of The Megilloth on FAT & WARM PRO RELEASE CASSETTES, WITH EXTENDED ARTWORK INLAY CARD!


CASSETTES ARE BACK! .....and to be a part of Metal Rock History, Young Metal, Heavy Rock & Punk Bands are releasing & Pro trading Demos & Albums on Cassettes once again, just like I did in 1986 & 1987.

There are now small labels in Europe who are just releasing Vinyl & NO OITHER FORMATl! The Vinyl/ Cassette ONLY labels are coming! ...and so with CASSETTE RELEASES we will be first once again! Just like Mortification was the world's first Christian Death Metal Band!

Burger Records in California have launched the Cassette Revolution & International Cassette Store Day- October 17th this year! Now in it's 3rd year. Indy Aussie Label Rice Is Nice Records are releasing cassettes in Australia & are part of the resurgence of Indy Labels pressing Pro Cassettes along with all the underground bands!

Being UNIQUE. I will be the first Indy Metal Label in the world to begin releasing Cassettes again! Along with the Mortification ST/ Scrolls Cassette will be Wonrowe Vision - 5 Years Cassette featuring the first 3 Wonrowe Vision Albums! Once again with extended Art Layout inlay card.

BOTH CASSETTES will be released in genuine 70's RETRO RED CASSETTE CASES as shown here.

These will be available from October 17th as a part of International Cassette Store eDay!

Soundmass is releasing SCROLLS OF THE MRGILLOTH on VINYL latter this year & so PLEASE BE QUICK to pick up one of those along with these VERY LIMITED EDITION CASSETTES!

Everything from Lightforce 1986 through to everything Mortification & Classic Rowe Productions is coming at you on cassette over the next 5 years! So we will be be the first VOICE OF JESUS in THIS NEW REVOLUTION!

I am looking into the possibility of selling BRAND NEW CASSETTE GHETTO BLASTERS RIGHT HERE ONLINE at

Stay tuned into THE UNIQUE because IF YOU MISS these UNIQUE CASSETTE & VINYL releases at any point, you will not be able to build a full & complete collection!


AS Wonrowe Vision Lineup Number 2.5 we are rehearsing constantly to bring NEW & MORE BRUATL LIFE to the old songs & writing some great new tunes also! These will be recorded next year for a new Album, early 2017 release!

Wonrowe Vision 2.5- Left To Right- Andrew Esnouf- Drums, Steve Rowe- Vox & Bass & Troy Harris- Guitar. Troy brings a HEAVY METAL EDGE to Wonrowe Vision & is one of Australia's finest Lead & Rhythm Guitar players, with strong, mainstream, musical connections in The US!! WOO HOO!!

Here are the basic details for my Annual 2 HEADED MONSTER FEST III also featuring Melbourne's finest Ol Skool Metal Band TURRET & Ol Skoll Aussie Heavy Rock Band GUZZLER! At the 2 HEADED MONSTER FEST WE ONLY PRESENT THE MOST PASSIONATE , EXCELLENT & UNIQUE MELBOURNE METAL BANDS!


Steve Rowe.