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Rowe Productions Australian Summer 2014/2015 Update

A message from Steve Rowe

Hello to all of you, my family of world wide friends! December 1st 2014 is a special day for me as it marks 25 years of marriage to Kate. It has been a blessing that we have survived everything that this world has thrown against us. Kate is married to a very different man now, compared to 25 years ago. 9 out of 10 marriages do not survive cancer. Even less survive spinal cord injury, paraplegia PLUS 50% loss of eyesight & being declared by our Government here in Australia too unwell to ever be employed again. But Kate has stayed with me & supported me through all of my illness, pain, Music Missions and endeavours & inability to be a bread winner. I think our love for each other & God has bound us together & I am still very much in love with Kate & I still have the same heart! When I was diagnosed with Leukaemia in September 1996 my first thought was that I needed to live to see my son Leighton grow up to be a man. At the time Leighton was just 9 months old!

So to celebrate 25 years of marriage & Leighton finishing High School with flying colours & excelling in AFL Umpiring, which was a life endeavour I encouraged Leighton to pursue, we had a professional family photo shoot last week. Here are some of the Images.

2014 has been a very busy year & also a year where I have suffered a lot with physical pain & urgent health situations relating to living with paraplegia. Emergency hospital visits, doctors visits & surgery twice. Through all of this I have recorded 2 Brand New Albums that you can see displayed on the left hand side here. Wonrowe Vision - '2 Heased Monster' & Mortification 'Realm Of The Skelataur'. GOD WILLING, both Albums will be available for purchase right here at from March 1st next year. Vic Campbell & I have also finished putting together my life story in a 65,000 word Pictorial Biography- 'Metal Missionary' that you can see here on the right!

'Metal Missionary' The Steve Rowe Story will be available right here before Christmas in KINDLE format!! ibook format in February along with Hard Copy print on demand books. Vic is also in the process of fulfilling all of the 'PERK' post outs to those who supported Vic's Indiegogo campaign.

It would be great if you could all purchase a copy to help Vic pay a lot of the costs that have not been covered in the Indiegogo fundraiser. Vic did raise $7000 & so MUCH GRATEFULNESS to all of you who helped us get this far with the $7000! Sales will be split 50/50 between Vic & I & of course here at Rowe Productions we need $4400 to release these 2 new CDs. SOMEHOW God always provides as we continue to work hard to spread The Good News Of Jesus, encourage others and stay faithful to God's call to Faith!

The new Mortification Album 'Realm Of The Skelataur' is the 16th and FINAL Mortification Album. So please visit our STORE here & complete your collections before they are all sold out, never to be repressed. In doing so you can help us get these 2 world class Albums out! Here is a preview of the new Mort Opus! This is a song from 'Realm' called 'Extrinsick Forces'! Please note that this mp3 does not have the deep Brutal Sound Attack of CD & Vinyl Audio quality.

Mortification 'Realm Of The Skelataur' is a great mix of THE BEST OF OUR EARLY ALBUMS! Self Titled 1991, Scrolls 1992, PMA 1993 & EnVision 1996! Engineered by THE MASTER BLASTER- Mark McCormack & Produced by Mark, Lincoln & myself. An EPIC EFFORT by all involved!! A HUGE THANK YOU from myself to Lincoln & Andrew for their incredible musicianship & focus, Neil Kearin who Recorded all of the Pre Production with myself & of course Mark for flying down from The Northern Territory to work many hours & weeks on the final tracking, mix & Mastering!!

As Mortification we will be performing our 25th Anniversary Concert at Easterfest - Good Friday April 3rd next year! Easterfest has advertised our 25th as our Farewell Show. As of now, I am yet to decide if that will, in fact, be it for MORT or not?

Wonrowe Vision will be my Focus Project from now on. With '2 Headed Monster' being very much in the vein of late 80's LIGHTFORCE- Traditional Metal Rock, it is where I am feeling most called at 50 years of Age. At my 50th Birthday in January we will perform the entire '2 Headed Monster' Album & I can now announce that drumming virtuoso Adam Zaffa played the drums on the new WV Opus & will perform with Lincoln & I at my 50th! This will be filmed for You Tube as will Both our Mort & WV appearances at Easterfest 2015!

The Guitars, Bass and Drums are all complete for '2 Headed Monster'. I will be Recording all of the Vocals in January! I have been taking Pro singing lessons this year with an aim to once again broaden my musical experience & reach new and exciting musical territory! As usual with me, '2HM' sounds like nothing else in the world! However it has strong influences from Motorhead, early Iron Maiden, Motorjesus, G.B.H, Sabbath & Lightforce. So a little less Rock & a little more METAL!

Most of our shows these days are with Trad Metal Bands here in the Melbourne Underground Heavy Metal Scene. Performing with Pegazus, Kilamaine, Ion Drive & Little House Gods my love of 70's & 80's Metal lives on & people can tell when what you are doing is FROM THE HEART! This is the style of music I mostly listen to! The new releases by Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Sacred Warrior & Lament have truly given me hope in the future of TRUE JESUS METAL! I also saw both ICED EARTH & ANVIL this year & will be seeing PRIEST early next year! The new PRIEST Album 'Redeemer Of Souls' is their best EVER in my opinion. MANY SOULS TO PRAY FOR!! I am obviously NOT in the singing class of Mike Lee, Les Carlson & Rob Halford. However, hopefully on this new Wonrowe Vision Opus I can give LIPS from ANVIL a run for his money? Haha.

Also now available in our STORE here are 16 Rowe Productions CLASSICS now available for Download! There has been HUGE demand for these Classic Albums & so here they are at last!! Any of the Bands that have Albums in these Downloads & I am yet to successfully contact you, PLEASE BE ASSURED that every 6 months you will be paid 50% of the $'s raised from the sales of your Classic Album! You can contact me via the Mortification Facebook page.

Blessings to all & if you are reading this & you are a Christian, please pray as to how you can help us in our Mission and that God will give me WISDOM IN ALL THINGS IN LIFE!! Even through pain & suffering I WILL GLORIFY THE KING AMONGST ALL MEN!

Steve Rowe.