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Important Rowe Productions Update

A message from Steve Rowe

Hi everyone & I thank you for reading another update as I have important news to share.

My Australian manager, Vic Campbell, has been struck down with acute back pain & agonising muscle spasms that have seen him hospitalised & bed ridden. I am never one to over spiritualise situations but it seems way too obvious that Vic is looking at 6 weeks in Physiotherapy & recovery to sort out this, 'as yet unknown' aliment. If you are a Christian friend of ours, could you please pray for Vic?

This comes at a time when over the next 6 weeks Vic was going to be working hard on his Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to release 'Metal Missionary', the Biography of my life in hard copy book format. We know that this is in God's hands & it matters not what Satan throws at us. The book will come out if it is God's will and we stand strongly against any evil forces working against us!

This year has been my toughest physically & health wise since my 2 years with cancer - Sept 1996 to July 1998. The third member of our team outside of my band members is of course Sherri Ross. Sherri has had a string of health issues & tough family situations since starting her work as my International Band Manager. The 3 of us, Vic, Sherri & I are the 3 working on this idea to raise the funds needed to release the book.

My music does not have the impact these days that it did in the 90's. However, with the release of a book that will help reach many who suffer, and share with them all the grace and peace that passes all understanding, is not someone that Satan wants circulating. Occultists may place their curses against us, but, have no doubt, we are fighting back! IN CHRIST we are more than conquerors! So this sudden affliction that Vic is suffering does seem to all of us to be a work of evil against him - particularly at this time.

Here is the link to Vic's book campaign if you are interested in reading the Biography in hard copy format. Please pray for all of us directly involved in the Rowe Productions Mission that we have wisdom in all that we do & aim to be in order that we may see souls saved into God's kingdom.

I am looking closely at purchasing some more Christian Rock, Metal & also Blues to add to the Rowe Productions store at I recently got hold of some copies of 'Christian' metal bands but from opening the box am unable to sell them in the store. The CDs by these bands have members wearing occult face paint & also a band who has stolen artwork from a well known artist. Thus I will not be presenting these bands for sale. I am not sure why bands are doing such things & labelling them as Christian? So I am looking for the REAL THING! Real Christian Rock, Metal & Blues that I can add to the store & be SURE that people who purchase are buying biblical Christian content. Please remember us as we seek to advance the cause of TRUE JESUS MUSIC!

Another further step I have taken in the Rowe Productions Store is to significantly lower the prices of CDs to help get the message to more who wish to buy the real thing. Truly Christian & in collectable hard copy format that can bless people for years to come! See the poster below for info on our upcoming concerts!

Blessings to all! 

Steve Rowe

2 Headed Monster Gig Poster