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Australian Autumn/Fall Update

A message from Steve

Hi & welcome to a new quarter in the Rowe Productions Metal Mission.

We have A LOT for exciting news for you all in this update. Firstly, sorry this update is late but I wanted to wait until our new developments are in place so that you can see just what is new and happening here first hand.

We now have our own STORE right here that will focus primarily on Rowe Productions releases. This is not a store that will bring in many extra releases from other Christian Rock & Metal labels and Bands. However, some of my personal favourite releases & re-issues from other bands will come in small numbers because there I personally would like to support & promote here also.

A huge thank you goes to SoundMass who have done a tremendous job working the Rowe Productions online sales these past 10 years & continue to do so. The difficulty that I now face with the huge reduction in prices is that I am losing money, selling items at under cost price! I do not think this is the right way to manage a mission. With my own STORE here I can offer competitive prices whilst at the same time seeing 100% of the income arriving directly here. I am so very thankful to God for new friends & IT genius blokes, Matt & James who have come alongside Rowe Productions and are helping us build a great survival plan into the the future!! From that personal IT support here to the tremendous work of my managers Sherri Ross in The US & Vic Campbell here in Australia, great strides forward are being made.

As you can see we also have our own Rowe Productions Pay Downloads with 100% of the money once again coming straight into this mission! The BEST way you can support us is buying directly from our store & Pay download sections. It is all in its infancy right now but we will improve the look of the stores as we get time to display the quality of what you are purchasing here in a more advanced way. It is exciting for us to be finally able to take the wheel of our own sales once again. Please be assured that via Paypal & this system here that you are purchasing SAFELY. The BEST advancement in online sales in the past decade is Paypal. A system that speaks an international language!

Music plans for the next months are as follows, so far:

1- Saturday August 16th- Mortification plus supports- Central Club- Melbourne- To be confirmed.

2- Saturday September 6th- Mortification plus Kilamaine & Harlot- Public Bar- 38 Victoria St North Melbourne. Doors at 8:30PM but front Bar open earlier for food. Over 18's. $15 at Performance room door. Harlot- 9PM to 9:40PM, Mortification- 10PM to 11:10PM, Kilamaine 11:30PM to 12:30PM.

3- September/ October - Recording of new Mortification FULL LENGTH Album.

4- Saturday 24th January 2015- Special Event- Wonrowe Vision Live Recording of 10 new songs- By invite only.

5- March 2015- Mortification Gig- Melbourne Central. Date & Venue to be announced.

6-  Good Friday April 2015- OFFICIAL 25th Anniversary Mortification Concert at Easterfest Toowoomba QLD Australia. To be confirmed.

7- Late 2015- Book Launch of my Biography- Life's Story.

Yes, Vic Campbell has almost finished penning my Biography. It will be called METAL MISSIONARY- The Steve Rowe Story. The difficult part starts now. Compiling all of the photos & media clippings and getting the book laid out & ready for printing. Then we need to try & find a publisher or self publish. To self publish would be EXTREMELY expensive & so we are starting to look at our options now. It is exciting to see it all come together! This book WILL SHOCK a lot of people as I pull no punches regarding my life, music, cancer and living with paraplegia. The book has great appeal across the board to all ages & to both Christians and non-Christians!

We as Mortification are in weekly Rehearsal of songs for the new Album with a strong leaning towards the sounds of the first 4 Mortification Albums. Total Thrashing Death Metal with a hint of Doom. It is refreshing to have the months ahead to refine the new songs & improve their structure each week! Exciting new old extremities!

Please note that the Infiltration Squad Paks are now down. But you can still become a member of the Infiltration Squad by purchasing a Membership Glossy signed & numbered photo with the Best Of Rowe Productions CD, Majestic Infiltration Mortification Tee Shirt or Rowe Productions Priest Of The Underground Tee Shirt. These are all in my new STORE!  

Be blessed over the coming weeks.

Your Friend & Missions Partner!

Steve Rowe